The Three Jewels

Namo Buddhaya // Namo Dharmaya // Namo Sanghaya
Starting to wake up is a lot like giving up an addiction. Youre going to go through withdrawal symptoms, weaning yourself from this addiction to habitual, small-minded patterns of perception. You could say enlightenment is no more addiction. Youre just fully awake, fully on the spot, without having to hide
- Pema Chödrön
Perhaps we all carry an immemorial wound, an infinite loss, a self-exile we perpetrate on ourselves. It turns us into isolated entities stalking the earth in search of what we think we need the temporary stays against ennui, despair, loss, and terror. But sooner or later, the wound can carry us toward its own remedy, if we only let it.
- Henry Shukman
He who sees me, sees the dharma, and he who sees the dharma sees me.
- The Buddha
You get up where you fall down. You dont get up somewhere else. Its where you fall down that you establish your practice.
- Ryokan Steve Weintraub
Even the smallest glimpse of freedom heightens our awareness of the pain we have created by our ego-fixation. Seeing the contrast is what inspires us to go forward on the path. In particular, each time we sit on the cushion and meditate, we relax and let go a little bit more. The notion we’ve held onto—that if we don’t keep up our ego-momentum something bad is going to happen—dissolves bit by bit.
- Judy Lief
Sitting meditation means formal seated Zen meditation. Everybody understands what that is. But we must keep a very wide view of meditation. If you keep a mind that is clear like space, then everything is meditation. There is walking meditation, chanting meditation, eating meditation. When your mind is clear like space, then your mind is not moving as situations constantly change. At that point, when you see, when you hear, when you smell, when you taste, when you touch, when you think, everything is meditation, because everything is clearly reflected in your not-moving mind, just as it is.
- Zen Master Seung Sahn